Bill Monning for Senate

17th Senate District, California

Peace, Health, & Justice in 2017

Monning family at swearing-in 2016
Sen. Bill Monning with Dr. Dana Kent and their daughters Lexi and Laura celebrate as Senator Monning is sworn in for his new term.

Dear Friends,

During this holiday season, we reach out to share our appreciation of family, friends, and supporters. We recommit ourselves to a 2017 promoting peace, health, and compassion for all people, all living things, and our precious planet.

Peace, Health, and Justice,

Senator Bill Monning and Dana Kent

Laura and Lexi and families.

Thank You!

I am honored to have your vote for re-election in 2016.

— Bill Monning

California State Senator


A Strong Re-Election Victory

Dear Friends,

I want to thank all of you who provided such great support and a vote of confidence with my strong re-election performance.

Here are the final returns:
vote returns: Monning 263,090, Kain 138,873

While we run as partisans, I am honored to represent all the residents of the beautiful 17th Senate District. With my competent and dedicated staff,

I look forward to the honor and responsibility of representing all of you over the next four years.

To my election team and supporters, THANK YOU. To the residents of the 17th Senate District, thank you for your confidence and the continued honor of representing you.

Working together, we can continue to make a difference!

Warm regards,

Bill Monning
State Senator, 17th District

Sen. Monning's Endorsements
Here is how I recommend voting on important ballot measures:

State Propositions

Prop 51 – YES – School Bonds - Funding K-14

Prop 52 – YES – MediCal Funding Program

Prop 53 – NO – Revenue Bonds – obstruction

Prop 54 – NO – Blocks legislative authority

Prop 55 – YES – Tax extension for Education and Healthcare

Prop 56 – YES – Cigarette Tax to fund healthcare

Prop 57 – YES – Juvenile & Parole Sentencing – recidivism reduction

Prop 58 – YES – English proficiency and multilingual education

Prop 59 – YES – Reverse Citizens United – Corporate $ out of politics

Prop 60 – NO – Condoms in Adult films – flawed ballot measure

Prop 61 – YES – Prescription Drugs – fair pricing

Converts death penalties to Life Without Possibility of Parole

Prop 6 – YES – Public Safety – reasonable gun and ammunition regulation

Prop 64 – YES – Legalize, Regulate, and Tax Marijuana Sales

Prop 65 – NO – Plastic Bag Deceptive Measure funded by plastic industry

Prop 66 – NO – Seeks to accelerate executions, reduces rights of appeal in death penalty cases

Prop 67 – YES – Upholds Ban on Single Use Plastic Bag Sales

Important Local Measures


Measure E – YES – Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District-Extends Existing Parcel Tax

Measure X – YES – Roads and Parks infrastructure

Measure Y – YES – County Plan for Marijuana Regulation

Measure Z – YES – Safe Water Protection in Oil Production



County of Santa Clara
Measure A – YES – County of Santa Clara Housing Bond

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
Measure B – YES – 1/2 cent Tax

City of San Jose

Measure E – YES – Opportunity to Work

Measure F – YES – Pension Modification

Measure G – YES – Business Tax Modification



Measures A & B – YES – Santa Cruz Schools

Measure D – YES – Roads, Bike, and Pedestrian pathway infrastructure

KAZU Radio Interview
State Senator Bill Monning on Water Solutions and Economy

Dear Friends,

Here's an interview I just did with local radio station KAZU:

Be Sure to Vote!

Bill Monning
State Senator, 17th District

Tom Hayden
A Lifelong Fighter for Peace, Justice, and the Environment

Dear Friends,

Dana and I were saddened to learn of the death of Tom Hayden. Tom was a lifelong fighter for peace, justice, and our environment.

Tom_Hayden, Kevin DeLeon, and Bill Monning -   March 2016 San Jose CA.png
Tom_Hayden, Kevin DeLeon, and Bill Monning - March 2016 San Jose CA

His knowledge and advocacy spanned international to local, war & peace issues to environmental and criminal justice issues to climate change and national/international politics.

Tom was a friend of farmworkers, immigrants, inmates, and inner city youth while engaging world leaders, opinion makers, and insurgent movements worldwide.

I enjoyed periodic contacts with Tom through the years, gained immensely from his writings and analysis, and was inspired always by his ongoing commitment to forging a better community and a better world.

Our thoughts go out to Tom's wife, Barbara, family, and many friends and loved ones. Our movement has lost a great leader, but our movement gained from his leadership.

Viva Tom Hayden!

Toward Peace and Progress,

Bill Monning
State Senator, 17th District

Thank You!
June Election Results Show Strong Support

Dear Friends,

To all the voters of California's 17th Senate District - Thank You!

Preliminary results show my campaign leading decisively throughout the district, which includes southern Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, coastal Monterey County, and San Luis Obispo County.

While the final results are not yet in, I'm grateful for the strong show of support from voters across this huge and diverse district.

Even with the election, I spent most of the week in Sacramento for the Senate's session. As Senate Majority Leader, I am actively working on the budget for the coming fiscal year. The budget shows what State government is really about. Our job in the legislature is to develop a budget that is an economically sound expression of the priorities of the people of California.

The election is a reminder that the voters come first, and that those of us honored to represent the diverse people and communities of California have a profound responsibility to listen and speak up for what is important to the voters we serve.

Again, thank you! Let’s work together for victory in November!

Toward Peace and Progress,

Bill Monning
State Senator, 17th District


Join Us June 5th for a Fabulous Night of Jazz to Support Sen. Bill Monning’s Re-election
If you like Jazz, you’ll love this event to help re-elect
Bill Monning to the California Senate.

Organized by pianist Phillip Crawford, this show at Monterey’s Wave Street Studios is an opportunity to enjoy some of the Monterey area’s top musical performers while supporting Bill Monning’s victory in November’s elections.

Date: Sunday, June 5
Time: Doors Open 6:00 PM; Show Starts 6:30 PM
Where: Wave Street Studios, 774 Wave Street, Monterey
Who: Phillip Crawford & Friends

Lineup of Musicians Scheduled to Play:
• Phillip Crawford, Piano
• Stu Reynolds, sax
• Kenny Stahl, Flute
• Steve Uccello, Bass
• Mike Shannon, Drums
Plus Special Guests:
• Julie Capili, Vocals
• Janice Perl, Vocals
• Dick Whittington, Piano

For More Information:
Phone: 831-402-9106

Meet Bonnie Raitt
and Support Senator Bill Monning’s re-election!

We are excited to announce a special chance to support Bill’s campaign: We have a limited number of top-quality seats at singer Bonnie Raitt’s upcoming Paso Robles show. And if you act now, you could get a pass to meet Bonnie after the show!

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie’s just-announced Dig in Deep Tour 2016 with Special Guest The Richard Thompson Trio will play in Paso Robles on September 23rd.

This will be Bonnie’s only show on the Central Coast, and tickets are going fast!

As a long-time Monning supporter, Bonnie offered us these tickets in support of Bill's re-election campaign.

Here’s how you can join us:

Level 1: Front Center Section Second Row, PLUS a pass to meet Bonnie backstage after the show - $500 per ticket.

Level 2: Front Side Section Sixth Row - $250 per ticket (seats only, no backstage pass).

These are premium seats at the fabulous Vina Robles Amphitheatre in Paso Robles.

Act Now to reserve your tickets! Because these seats are limited, please email us at to request tickets, and we will contact you about payment if there are still tickets left.

What a Party!
Senator Bill Monning's Annual Birthday Bash
with special guest

State Controller Betty Yee

Betty Yee
State Controller Betty Yee

Bill celebrated his 65th birthday with about two hundred friends, enjoying great music by the Jack Bowers Trio and an inspiring speech by State Controller Betty Yee.

The Jack Bowers Trio

Sen. Monning presented Champions of Justice honors to Father Michael Reid of the Fund for Homeless Women and to Jesus Valenzuela, an activist working as a Health Equity Organizer and writer.
~ Photos by Bob Coble ~

Allison Guevara
MC Allison Guevara
Father Michael Reid honored by Sen. Monning
Father Michael Reid
Sen. Monning
Senator Bill Monning
Jesus_Valenzuela honored by Sen. Monning
Jesús Valenzuela

Sen. Monning's Announcement for 2016

Presented at Colton Hall
Monterey, California
December 1, 2015

Bill Monning Announces at Colton Hall

“After careful consideration and thorough deliberations with my family and closest supporters, I have decided that my experience, energy, and commitment to the people of California can be put to the best use by continuing my work as a leader in the California State Senate.”

[See the full text of Sen. Monning's speech below.]

What People are Saying...

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A Huge Senate District...

17th Senate District map

With nearly a million people, California's 17th State Senate District stretches from the old whaling town of Davenport to the stark desert-scape of the Carrizo Plain; from the broad sands of Pismo Beach to the world-class surf-breaks of Santa Cruz; from the rugged peaks and canyons of the Los Padres National Forest to the stately redwoods of Big Basin State Park. More...

News from Bill...

Sen. Monning's Announcement for 2016

Presented at Colton Hall
Monterey, California
December 1, 2015

Bill Monning Announces at Colton Hall

“After careful consideration and thorough deliberations with my family and closest supporters, I have decided that my experience, energy, and commitment to the people of California can be put to the best use by continuing my work as a leader in the California State Senate.”

Welcome, and thank you to all who have joined us today.

Thank you to the media for being here.

Special thanks to my wife, Dr. Dana Kent, to our daughters, Laura and Alexandra and their families, and to my sister, Barbara.

As we approach the 2016 election cycle, I have grappled with the options available to me. With Congressman Farr’s recent announcement that he will not seek reelection in 2016, there will be an open seat race for the 20th Congressional District for the first time in 22 years.

Twenty two years ago, I ran for what was then the 17th Congressional District. I set my sights on Washington and ran the race of my life. As an attorney, a labor lawyer, a human rights activist, and an international advocate to halt the nuclear arms race as the Executive Director of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), I had an unparalleled opportunity to meet and work with people in over 80 nations around the world, in Washington D.C., and before the United Nations. I felt that these experiences added to the skill set I might bring to the U.S. Congress.

While we ran a strong, passionate race in 1993, Congressman Sam Farr prevailed and has represented us with distinction, dedication, and commitment for over 20 years.

In 2008, I had the opportunity to run for and win the 27th Assembly District seat. And, in 2012, I was elected to represent this beautiful 17th Senate District including all of Santa Cruz and SLO counties and parts of Monterey and Santa Clara counties. I have served on the budget, judiciary, natural resources & water, education, and public safety committees and I have chaired the Assembly Committee on Health during implementation of the ACA, the Assembly and Senate Labor Committees, the Senate Insurance Committee, and the Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services. I am currently the Chair of the Senate Committee on Legislative Ethics and serve as the Senate Majority Leader… This position has provided me with greater responsibilities as a leader in the California State Senate and the legislature of a state that would rank as the 8th largest economy in the world if it were a nation. Along with greater responsibility has come greater possibility to achieve meaningful legislative and budget victories.

Interestingly, the last state senator to represent this district from the Monterey Peninsula, was Sam Farr’s father, State Senator Fred Farr. The last legislator to represent this region of California and serve as Majority Leader was Senator Henry Mello from Watsonville who demonstrated the power associated with the Majority Leader position and how that could be used to benefit our local region.

I have embraced the position of Majority Leader with a sense of great purpose, responsibility, and pride.

I am particularly proud of my accomplishments as a leader in the California Legislature including:

As a leader in the State Senate, I am well-positioned to continue to advance the interests of the 17th Senate District and all Californians in education, healthcare, environmental protection, women’s and labor rights, public safety, and those of small businesses, agriculture, technology, and higher education institutions.

In my 7 years in the legislature, I have authored over 85 bills that have been signed into law by Republican and Democratic governors. I have made the tough decisions to achieve balanced budgets amidst the recession of 2008-09 and a 41 billion dollar deficit. We now have a balanced budget and a rainy day reserve fund. We are creating more new jobs than any other state in the union.

Clearly, we face the continued challenges of an ongoing drought, the crisis of climate change, and our local and regional water crises. I believe that my record demonstrates an ability to take on the tough issues, make the tough votes, and move California to a healthier, safer, and better future.

I have thought long and hard about the race for Congress. I have long thought representing this area in Congress would be the highest honor. But Washington isn’t what it was 22 years ago. Gridlock has overtaken Washington and my wife and I have prioritized being available and close to our children, grandchildren, and extended family.

After careful consideration and thorough deliberations with my family and closest supporters, I have decided that my experience, energy, and commitment to the people of California can be put to the best use by continuing my work as a leader in the California State Senate.

Therefore, I hereby declare my intention today to seek re-election in 2016 to California’s 17th State Senate District.

For those of you who might be disappointed with my choice, let me assure you that I truly believe I can do more for those of you here today and for all constituents in the 17th Senate District by seeking re-election to the State Senate than I could by seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

For example, in the next term, I hope to bring greater focus to the immediate crisis of climate change. California leads not only the nation – but the world – in our efforts to address the crisis. We have set ambitious goals to limit the emissions of CO2 and to promote renewable energy sources in California. The leading venture capital investment in California right now is in renewable energy development where we are creating jobs while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. California’s leadership in addressing climate change is being followed and replicated around the world.

I know I can do more to address Climate Change in Sacramento in the next 4 years than I could in 20 years in Washington. Similarly, I believe that I can do more to protect our environment, public health, and public safety as a leader in the State Senate than as a member of the minority party in Washington D.C.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous support and friendship and for the honor of serving you. I look forward to our continued collaboration and friendship and to supporting a strong Democratic ticket by electing a Democrat to the White House and to all seats on the November ballot.

Thank you!

Toward Peace and Progress,

Bill Monning
State Senator, 17th District

Bill Monning photo Dear Friends,
How can you really know what legislators are fighting for and accomplishing for their districts and California? I believe that, more than slogans and sound-bites, the best way to evaluate your representative is by their legislative record.

I am particularly proud of my accomplishments as a leader in the California Legislature including:

  • Passage of the End of Life Option Act of which I was a joint and lead author; this historic legislation will provide terminally ill patients with compassionate options at the end of life and will serve as a model for similar legislation in other states;
  • Establishment of the California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery at the former Ft. Ord. I authored 7 pieces of legislation to establish the cemetery and secured $2 million from the legislature with the Governor’s support to qualify the Veterans Cemetery for federal funding.
  • Secured the necessary state legislation and funding for the dismantling of the San Clemente Dam for seismic safety protection and to preserve and restore the upper Carmel River habitat and steelhead population;
  • Carried successive and successful legislation to continue the voluntary tax check-off to fund research for the preservation and safety of sea otters;
  • Authored the Sustainable Seafood Labeling Act - the first such legislation in the nation;
  • Obtained majority support and the Governor’s signature for legislation that requires sexual harassment prevention training for farmworkers throughout the state as well as other landmark legislation for the protection of workers’ rights and safety;
  • Secured legislation in 2015 to extend California’s Independent Peer Review Panel (PUC) related to seismic safety for the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Facility.
  • Worked with the Big Sur Coastal Trail Working Group to develop a planning document for the establishment of a community-based planning process for the California Coastal Trail through Big Sur.
  • Carried legislation to help secure financing for the regional de-salination water project and to protect ratepayers;
  • Secured funding for construction of a new and safer jail facility in Monterey County that will protect the rights and safety of guards, prisoners, and the public;
  • Advocated for and supported legislation to protect women’s health and equality in the workplace;
  • Co-authored environmental legislation including landmark legislation to reverse the adverse impacts of climate change.
  • Supported legislation to help small business owners comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) without facing “shake down” lawsuits that violated due process rights. These reforms will protect small businesses AND guarantee that the rights of the disabled are protected;
  • Advocated for the protection of animals, endangered species, and the elimination of animal cruelty;
  • Championed the arts and the importance of funding for arts, music, and cultural training in our schools, jails, and prisons;
  • Pioneered legislation to protect children’s and public health with a special focus on obesity and preventable diabetes (Type 2) and for disability rights and the needs of the developmentally disabled community.

Toward Peace and Progress,

Bill Monning
State Senator, 17th District

Thank You for Your Support

Your support is crucial to my continued service in the California Legislature. This is true not only through your contributions and volunteer time for my campaign, but also through your own commitment and readiness to take part as an involved member of our society.

Without the active engagement of the diverse people and communities of our state, California will lapse into greater inequality, environmental degradation, and weakened rights.

On the other hand, by working together with respect and inclusiveness we can make a difference!

I hope you'll continue to be an active participant in politics and community life. To whatever extent you are able to contribute time and money to my campaign, I am deeply grateful and will take inspiration from you to further my own service.

With Deepest Gratitude,

Bill Monning
State Senator, 17th District