Bill Monning for Senate

17th Senate District, California

Bill on the Issues

Bill Monning photo Dear Friends,
How can you really know what legislators are fighting for and accomplishing for their districts and California? I believe that, more than slogans and sound-bites, the best way to evaluate your representative is by their legislative record.

I am particularly proud of my accomplishments as a leader in the California Legislature including:

  • Passage of the End of Life Option Act of which I was a joint and lead author; this historic legislation will provide terminally ill patients with compassionate options at the end of life and will serve as a model for similar legislation in other states;
  • Establishment of the California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery at the former Ft. Ord. I authored 7 pieces of legislation to establish the cemetery and secured $2 million from the legislature with the Governor’s support to qualify the Veterans Cemetery for federal funding.
  • Secured the necessary state legislation and funding for the dismantling of the San Clemente Dam for seismic safety protection and to preserve and restore the upper Carmel River habitat and steelhead population;
  • Carried successive and successful legislation to continue the voluntary tax check-off to fund research for the preservation and safety of sea otters;
  • Authored the Sustainable Seafood Labeling Act - the first such legislation in the nation;
  • Obtained majority support and the Governor’s signature for legislation that requires sexual harassment prevention training for farmworkers throughout the state as well as other landmark legislation for the protection of workers’ rights and safety;
  • Secured legislation in 2015 to extend California’s Independent Peer Review Panel (PUC) related to seismic safety for the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Facility.
  • Worked with the Big Sur Coastal Trail Working Group to develop a planning document for the establishment of a community-based planning process for the California Coastal Trail through Big Sur.
  • Carried legislation to help secure financing for the regional de-salination water project and to protect ratepayers;
  • Secured funding for construction of a new and safer jail facility in Monterey County that will protect the rights and safety of guards, prisoners, and the public;
  • Advocated for and supported legislation to protect women’s health and equality in the workplace;
  • Co-authored environmental legislation including landmark legislation to reverse the adverse impacts of climate change.
  • Supported legislation to help small business owners comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) without facing “shake down” lawsuits that violated due process rights. These reforms will protect small businesses AND guarantee that the rights of the disabled are protected;
  • Advocated for the protection of animals, endangered species, and the elimination of animal cruelty;
  • Championed the arts and the importance of funding for arts, music, and cultural training in our schools, jails, and prisons;
  • Pioneered legislation to protect children’s and public health with a special focus on obesity and preventable diabetes (Type 2) and for disability rights and the needs of the developmentally disabled community.

Toward Peace and Progress,

Bill Monning
State Senator, 17th District