Healthy California - Senator Bill Monning

Ballot Measure Committee

From the desk of
Senator Bill Monning

May 2019

Dear Friend and Supporter,

I am writing to provide a check-in and to share some exciting news about our work ahead.

As you know, we live in an unprecedented time for our nation and our planet. The current occupant of the White House continues to demonstrate a total lack of competency combined with a dangerous appeal to the most base, racist, and misogynist elements of our culture. At the global level, climate change continues to threaten our planet’s very existence but has also provoked a uniting universal response.

In California, we have forged ahead with a progressive agenda on immigration, healthcare reform, education, criminal justice reform, and climate change action. I am proud of our accomplishments in Sacramento, but there remains much work to do.

While I will be termed-out of the Senate at the end of 2020, I have time remaining to focus on issues of importance to our district, our state, and our nation. And, because I cannot run for re-election, I can no longer do fundraising for a political campaign committee, but I can raise funds to participate in important state or local ballot measure work.

As such, I have established the HEALTHY CALIFORNIA, Senator Bill Monning Ballot Measure Committee (BMC) (FPPC # 1393802) which will allow me (and us) to have a voice to promote the health of all Californians. I am asking you to join me with a generous contribution to my ballot measure committee.

With preventable type-2 diabetes at an all-time high among Californians, with staggering rates among young people, we simply must do more to advance good education, good healthcare access, and the promotion of good nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

With your support for HEALTHY CALIFORNIA today, I can continue to be a strong voice in the statewide conversation on healthcare and health policy issues. To be clear, there is no specific ballot measure at this time, but this account will allow me to participate in future ballot measure research, projects, and campaigns.

I look forward to sharing updates with you in the coming year and appreciate any contribution you might make to help me build this ballot measure committee to empower those Californians who do not have a voice.

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Again, thank you for your continued confidence and support of my representation as your 17th Senate District representative and thank you for all you do to advance our shared values.

Together, let’s turn the tide in our state - and then our nation - by bringing the promise and human right of health and healthcare to all Californians.

Warm regards,

Senator Bill Monning
Senate Majority Leader

P. S. Please Note: Contributions are NOT tax deductible and can be made directly through the above link via ActBlue or by sending a check payable to HEALTHY CALIFORNIA - Senator Bill Monning BMC (FPPC #1393802), 1121 L Street, Suite 211, Sacramento, CA 95814. State law requires that you provide your name, occupation, employer, and your physical home street address with your contribution. Download Printable Contribution Form