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Send Me Your Ideas for Progress in California

Dear Friends,

I will never forget that the reason I ran for office was to represent the diverse people and communities of the Central Coast, to give voice to their concerns and aspirations for our state. Progress toward justice and equality, broad prosperity, environmental sustainability, and access for all to education and healthcare – these are things we can achieve by working together.

I am pleased to tell you that my commitment to be an effective representative has been recognized by my colleagues in the Senate. In early January, I was honored to be selected by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León to serve as the California State Senate Majority Leader. This position will allow me to work as part of the Senate leadership team as well as to coordinate management of the Senate floor during legislative and procedural debates.

I will soon be up for re-election to my second and final four-year term in the California Senate. As I look ahead, I'd like to hear your thoughts about my priorities if re-elected.

Questionnaire Complete. Thank you for your responses! I received many thoughtful ideas and suggestions submitted through this survey and a letter I sent to a few thousand supporters. My team is collating the ideas and discussing how to put them into action. I'm touched by the care and time so many people put into these responses. This inspires me to work harder with you to make the best California we can. Many thanks!!

Effectiveness in Sacramento requires focus on a few main areas. And my time is limited after attending to the crucial service of representing nearly a million people in a district larger than Connecticut. Knowing I'll need to pick just a few key objectives, I'd like to begin thinking with you now about the most important goals for a second term, which would run from 2017 to 2020.

I would be honored to know your ideas for my chief policy objectives. By laying the groundwork in the second half of this term, then articulating our goals to the voters in the 2016 campaign, we can build strong support for progress in the next term if I am returned to office.

Our region often provides leadership for the rest of California, and I see my role as helping good ideas "bubble up" from the Central Coast, to the benefit of all Californians.

Please take a few minutes to fill in your ideas on the Questionnaire page linked below. I encourage you to think big. This isn't about specific legislation: think at a higher level about problems to be addressed or improvements our state could achieve. Let's have a full and informed discussion before we lock in specific solutions.

I hope you'll enjoy taking a few minutes to let me know how we can make California better. I certainly look forward to hearing from you!!

Toward Peace and Progress,

Bill Monning
California State Senator, 17th District

P.S. When you send me your ideas, please provide your latest contact information. Thanks!

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